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Cylinderical Mould
Cylindrical Mould

British & Indian
Use: Cylindrical Moulds are used to make concrete cylinders. These concrete cylinders are used for compressive strength tests.



The Cylinderical mould is split vertically into two parts. The mean internal diameter is within ± 0.2 mm and height is within ± 1mm. The ends are machined to ± 0.05 mm. The base plate and top plate are machined flat to ± 0.03 mm.

Technical Specifications:
Product Code Specifications Size
ZI 2017Mould Cylinder, Cast Iron15 cm dia x 30 cm height
ZI 2018Mould Cylinder, Cast Iron6 cm dia x 32 cm height
ZI 2019Mould Cylinder, Cast Iron10 cm dia x 20 cm height
ZI 2020Mould Cylinder, Cast Iron30 cm dia x 60 cm height
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