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Infrastructure and Construction companies are under lot of stress to provide consistent quality and long lasting reliability for thier work. To ensure the Cement / Concrete Mixture analysis is an essential part of Quality Assurance aspect of Infrastructure Company. It ensures efficient materials usage and compliance with required quality standards. A wide range of tests can be carried out to ensure the properties and quality of mixture. But, it is most important that the correct design and physical testing of these mixtures is achieved if good quality products are to be produced with minimum maintenance and economical production.

Mould Creating and testing of cube, prism and other forms is an important part of final strength assessment. High quality mould give great consistency and repeatability of results. Zeal International offers a wide and sophisticated range of testing moulds complying with International standards like BIS and ASTM. Certification is available upon request.

Our range of moulds include : Beam Mould, CBR Mould, Cube Mould, Cylindrical Mould, Gang Mould, Marshall Mould, Prism Mould, Proctor Mould & Shrinkage Bar Mould.

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